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About Us

About Us

Amira (right) about to kick off one of regular wine tasting events in the Midlands, along with Julie, our Director of Innovation

What’s in a name?

As it happens quite a lot.

Being music-lovers we found inspiration with a country music lyric – that “all you need is three chords and the truth”, and a song is born, which speaks to the soul. From very humble beginnings, with hard work and attention to detail something beautiful can be created. For us the same happens watching the growth of the vine, the harvest of the grape and the alchemy that lies behind the birth of a new wine. We have a dream that we’re taking very seriously, a dream that one day we’ll be making outstanding English Sparkling wine – the wine that you will reach for to mark your special occasion, an anniversary, birthday, or just because your day’s been awesome.

You’ve discovered us at the very start of our journey and you can follow our steps to owning our own vineyard on our blog – “A Vine Without a Vineyard”. But until the time we are ready to crack open the first bottle of ‘Three Chords and The Vine’, you can join us at our regular monthly wine tasting events to discover the kind of wines that you love and listen to the stories of how they came to life. We’ll always include an English wine in every tasting and make it as relaxed as possible.

We are Three Chords & The Vine – we offer unique fun experiences where we breathe to life the tale of each wine we showcase, whether it’s at one of our regular monthly events, or at a bespoke private event tailored for your special occasion and one day we will be showcasing our own outstanding wine for you to enjoy at one of events.